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Medical Malpractice

Rockwell & Kaufman has a long and successful history of defending healthcare providers, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, skilled nursing facilities and acute care facilities.  We vigorously defend claims arising out of alleged negligent care.  We utilize our skills and vast experience to evaluate and try these complex cases.  We also manage, oversee and provide litigation strategy support to our clients’ local and regional counsel throughout the Eastern United States.


Rockwell & Kaufman has a great deal of experience defending general contractors, subcontractors, architects and engineers in direct actions for alleged construction and design defects.  We assist our clients in various other ways as well, including addressing regulatory issues, managing construction projects and defending litigation related to product failure.

Natural Disaster

Rockwell & Kaufman frequently defends claims arising out of natural disasters, particularly claims arising out of hurricane damages.  Located on the Gulf Coast, Rockwell & Kaufman is particularly well-suited to defend direct actions for damage resulting from fire, flood and wind-driven rain.  Rockwell & Kaufman has represented national insurers and catastrophe companies in both direct actions and cases involving bad faith, misrepresentation and failure to pay under the insurance policy.


Rockwell & Kaufman provides risk management planning and evaluates liability and damages for its transportation clients.  We are involved in all aspects of litigation on behalf of a taxi, shuttle and charter transportation company operating throughout the Gulf Coast.  We also have experience as counsel for a local metropolitan transit authority, prior to that entity being absorbed by the city. 

General Business Practice
Rockwell & Kaufman provides general business services to many of its clients.  We assist companies with contract review and analysis, entity formation and organization, and various other legal needs prior to litigation.  We provide counsel and legal services to local and regional companies involved in areas as diverse as elevator design and repair, bonding, on-line communications and sales, title loans, childcare, tool manufacture, marine construction and oil and gas.
Criminal Defense

Rockwell & Kaufman has many years of experience defending criminal matters, including the defense of white collar crimes.  This experience is beneficial to our civil clients and has been used to aid in the defense of healthcare providers accused of insurance fraud and to provide analysis of allegations related to Medicare/Medicaid fraud. 


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